Bij avault wisten ze te melden dat Earth 2150 2 Juni in de winkels zal verschijnen. ( in de USA dus )Ik denk dat er veel mensen zijn die hier lang op hebben gewacht en we zullen zien of dit het wachten waard is geweest.

Uiteraard zijn er ook weer een aantal nieuwe screenshots beschikbaar.

Mattel Interactive has informed the Adrenaline Vault that the U.S. version of Earth 2150, its 3D real-time strategy game, has gone gold and will hit retail stores June 2. The game features a 3D engine that introduces numerous new strategic elements, including true 3D terrain deformation, construction units that can dig trenches near bodies of water, units that dig tunnels for surprise assaults or to establish transportation routes, realistic fog of war, changing weather patterns and real-time day to night. Also included will be more than 75 missions, Internet gaming for up to eight people, a 3D map editor, a multi-map interface that enables gamers to control up to three areas at once, three distinct civilizations with unique technology, customizable units, research that allows all units to be upgraded with new offensive or defensive armaments and more. Bekijk hier de rest van de screens.