De fansite '' had een interview met projectleider 'Chris Longpre' en Westwood Community Manager 'Chris Rubyor' over de nieuwe features die we in Dune Emperor mogen verwachten.

Het gaat hier o.a. over de subhouses, animaties, units en online services en de chat-transcripts bevatten dan ook een hoop aan info waarover we niet eerder hadden gehoord.

Ga naar voor de complete log. *Irish[Dune3_com]* Will bases remain. In the sense that, if i attacked a terrirory and conquered it, ans was called back to fight in that same territory again, would the base i build the first time still be there?

Not exactly. If you must defend your secured territory, the key structures will still be there, but the remaining structures will have been broken down to conserver resources for your war effort :)

*[_Dune3_com_]_Bulldo* Do you feel confident Emperor's graphics will suceed those of Warcraft III?

I do not know where Warcraft3 is at currently, but our graphics are better than anything out there today!

*bisabuelo* Will Emperor feature cut scenes?

Yes, all story sequences are delivered through some beautifull cinematics

Another small departure from our past RTS, is that there are too many missions to have all cutscenes be mission briefings. So you'll play a few missions, and get a cutscene.. play some more..etc.In het interview melden ze ook dat we Dune Emperor deze zomer in de winkels mogen verwachten. Een exacte releasedatum is er nog niet.