Nou alweer een tijdje geen nieuws over Duke Nuke 'm Forever gehad, dus weer eens tijd voor een previewtje dacht Gamesurge

So far the life of Duke Nukem Forever was just surprising to many. While all this took many by storm, the next move by 3D Realms was one of the most daring and unthinkable moves. 3D Realms announced that Duke Nukem Forever would be switching from the Quake II engine to Epic's new Unreal engine. Nobody could have guessed that this would have happened. Now that Duke Nukem Forever switched over to the Unreal engine many people had to wonder if this was a good or bad move for the game.


So far there isn't much that is known about the gameplay aspects of Duke Nukem Forever. There is some information that is out right now. Here is what we know: Fog will be included along with other weather effects Interactivity in the game will be at an all time high, and true to Duke Nukem form, strip clubs will be available to go into and even interact with the performers. The same taunting formats will be used in DNF as they were in Duke Nukm 3D. The Netgames USA statistics included in Unreal Tournament are likely to stay in the multiplayer portion of the game. Known characters thus far include, Dr. Proton, Bombshell (a gorgeous female character returning from Duke Nukem 3D), and Gus (the old farmer dude seen in one of the screenshots). At least part of the game takes place in Las Vegas.

Hopelijk word dit niet weer zo'n leeg gat dat maar word uitgesteld net als Daikatana