Toen ik was aan het rond neuzen was op internet kwam ik opeens een paar screenhots tegen van Dronez, het nieuwe spel van Zetha:GameSpot have posted 6 new shots from Zetha Games' forthcoming Tron-inspired game for the PC and Dreamcast, Dronez -- this game "lets you to take control of contestants in a future sporting event - one in which you must jump from platform to platform and throw light projectiles at opponents". Dammit, I wish they would post high-res shots at G-Spot, especially for this game, as even the shots that they posted look pretty dialed. If you want more information on this game, hit the official Dronez site, as their development page has quite a few tasty nibblets on this game.

Ziet er goed vind ik

Het hele artikel vind je hiero en de screenshots staan hier.