PCZone heeft een kleine teaser van hun preview van Rebellion's Judge Dreddgame online gezet. Het spel gaat Dredd Versus Death heten en zal volgens PCZone waarschijnlijk beter zijn dan de film, al is dat natuurlijk niet zo moeilijk So what does being THE Judge entail? "You have the power of life and death over the inhabitants of Mega City One," says Jason. "Obviously some characters will require harsh treatment, but others should be left to carry on about their daily business. For the most part you will be 'walking the beat' but the Lawmaster bike will feature too." You will also be the proud owner of the Lawgiver pistol. This gun is specifically DNA-coded to each Judge and has six different settings or ammo types: standard execution; ricochet; incendiary; armour-piercing; heat-seeking; and high-explosive. At the moment Rebellion is keeping tight-lipped about other firepower that might make an appearance, but we can hopefully expect to see such things as the nightstick (a truncheon) and the scatter-gun (a kind of shotgun) in the game. Voor nog 5 screenshots kan je doorsurfen naar PCZone.co.uk.