Sega heeft de lijst met games vrijgegeven die voor de Dreamcast uitgebracht zullen worden dit jaar. Opvallende titels zijn de opvolger van de Sega 16 bit klassieker Ecco the Dolphin en ook Black & White.Sega of Europe has announced a list of games that will be released in its corresponding territory for the Dreamcast in 2000. Among the notables is the confirmation of a Metropolis Street Racer delay, now scheduled for a September 8th release. Also of note, is the Phantasy Star Online release date set for Quarter 4. If the game does undergo a world-wide release, as speculated, the US and Japanese territories will also see Sonic Team's PSO sometime late this year or in early 2001. The entire list of upcoming SOE releases is below. Keep in mind that this is a list of only the first-party games for the Dreamcast, to be published by Sega.[bullet]Worldwide Soccer Euro Edition - May 26, 2000

[bullet]Chu Chu Rocket! - June 9, 2000

[bullet]Zombie Revenge - June 9, 2000

[bullet]Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future - June 16, 2000

[bullet]Sega Sports NHL 2k - June 23, 2000

[bullet]Time Stalkers - August 4, 2000

[bullet]Maken X - August (TBA)

[bullet]Metropolis Speed Racer - September 8, 2000

[bullet]Space Channel 5 - September (TBA)

[bullet]Virtua Tennis - September (TBA)

[bullet]Extreme Sports - October (TBA)

[bullet]Dee Dee Planet! - Quarter 4

[bullet]Jet Set Radio - Quarter 4

[bullet]Sega Worldwide Soccer 2001 - Quarter 4

[bullet]Phantasy Star Online - Quarter 4

[bullet]Sega GT - Quarter 4

[bullet]Black & White - Quarter 4