Carmack heeft op Quakecon het een en ander losgelaten over Doom 3. Zo zal het spel zich vooral richten op Single-Player en veel minder op Multi-Player. Dit gebeurd overigens ook bij de nieuwe Wolfenstein en we gingen de laatste tijd juist meer de multiplayer richting op. Doom 3 zal worden geport naar de XBox en dat is vooral vanwege de sterke gelijkenis tussen beiden en over een port naar Dreamcast of PS2 bestaat nog grote twijfel. Verder vermelde Carmack nog dat er een uitgebreid Mod-development Kit zal worden geleverd bij Doom 3.

Een samenvatting van de QuakeCon Speech van Carmack gemaakt door stomped:I just got out of the annual talk by id Software's John Carmack at this year's QuakeCon. The talk was a bit less technical than previous speeches, as Carmack talked about the pros and cons of developing for game consoles and PC, mod development issues, and video card issues. People expecting to hear Carmack talk a lot about the upcoming Doom game may have been dissapointed, but he did give out a few hints. The game will use DLLs for the game code this time out and as stated before will be primarily a single player game. Carmack said a basic deathmatch multiplayer mode will be included but the new Doom game will not have much of a focus on multiplayer. There might not even be multiplayer bots in the new Doom game like there was in Quake 3 Arena. He did say that he has heard about the CPL's Angel Munoz's tenative plans to create a game specifically for gaming tournaments and Carmack said he would be interesting in helping out with that project if it happens. The game's main platform will continue to be the PC system, but Carmack strongly hinted that he is considering porting the game to the Microsoft Xbox console, saying that the Xbox's specs will be equivalent to the baseline PC system they will be targeting.En voor de gewone sterveling rest dus slechts afwachten