Bij Warmonkeys, nu de site van "Dogs of War", hebben ze elke dag een "screenshot of the Day" van DoW.

Er is helaas nog geen update of Christopher Walken ook meedoet

Er staat ook wat info over het spel , zoals je hier onder kan lezenWarMonkeys has a new name - Dogs of War Dogs of War is a real time action tactics game set in a full 3d environment. Battle takes place with up to 200 individual units split between 3 opposing forces, across sprawling battlefields of up to 10 square kilometres. There are more than 40 different unit types to command, including infantry, mechanised units and alien creatures, and a diverse range of camera modes including long-range strategic and 3rd person views. With 20 enthralling single player missions and a host of multiplayer levels, Dogs of War will be played well into the millenium.

Dit is de site van Dogs of War en de Oorlogsapen