Op het forum van 3Drealms werden wat vragen beantwoord over DNF. Geen release date, maar hoeveel cd's de game zal zijn en of er een serial nodig is etc.

Beter iets dan niets, maar er groeien complete generaties op die niet weten wie The Duke is Hey, will DN4 require the CD in the drive to play?

Yes, probably.

How many CD's can we expect to see for the game?

I want to shoot for one, but it's unlikely. The game stands at 720 megs now and it's far from done. We will try for one CD though.

What types of installation can we expect to see? Like maybe a minimal install (200 mb) or maybe a max install (650 mb) or just one install size?

I suspect it will be full install only.

Will DN4 have CD keys like most games of today?


What kind of multiplayer will be supported? Can we expect a deal with WON to integrate that aspect of multiplay into the game?

DNF's multiplay/server browsing will all be in game. We are not going with an outside service.

As for mods, can we expect to see a Half-Life type of mod installation?

Will look at this later. Clearly Unreal is screwed up for mods. It should all go in one directory ala the

Quake stuff. We will work on that.

As far as load times, will DN4 take 1 minute to load up on a 450 MHZ AMD K6-2 like Unreal Tourney did?

No idea until final, but levels don't take anywhere a minute to load on my 450/Voodoo 3/128 megs.

For quicksaves, can we expect to see a truely quick quicksave feature like in half-life?

Unreal saves games differently. The interface for quick saving will be similar to what's been in FPS

games for 5 years. But I don't know if it will take 3 seconds to save or 20. Not much we can do about that.

George Broussard, 3D RealmsJammer dat er zo weinig info over de game naar buiten komt. Ze blijven veel dingen stil houden en met een game die al zolang in ontwikkeling is is dat misschien niet de juiste aanpak, maar de tijd zal het zeggen .

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