Infogrames heeft het vervolg op Dirt Track Racing aangekondigd. Dirt Track Racing 2 zal de speler laten rijden tegen 14 andere ootoos op verschillende dirt tracks. Totaal zullen er 14 verschillende banen zijn en drie klasses waaruit je je ootoo kan kiezen, namelijk pro stock, late model en modified. Dirt Track is in Europa nooit een succes geworden, mogelijk dat dit met deel 2 zal veranderen.In addition to driving the cars, players can tweak the cars' performance by adjusting their springs, shocks, tire pressure, stagger, and other components. The game will feature an arcade mode that lets players quickly jump into any race with any vehicle, as well as a more involved career mode in which players must pay race entry fees, purchase new vehicles, make upgrades, and repair damaged vehicles. The game will also include a multiplayer mode and the option to record a race to review later and share with other players over the Internet.

Dirt Track Racing 1

De Australische ontwikkelaar Ratbag doet de ontwikkeling van Dirt Track Racing 2, dat in de herfst van dit jaar zal uitkomen.