Microsoft heeft een paar dagen geleden dan wel haar laatste versie van DirectX (DirectX 8) gereleased, maar volgens velen was het helemaal zo best nog niet. Er zouden niet genoeg nieuwe features in zitten en het bugte aan alle kanten.

Billy van VoodooExtreme heeft hierover maar liefst twee (pff niet zo veel! ) vragen gesteld aan Brian Hook van het Microsoft team.Billy: As a long time supporter of OpenGL, how much closer does DirectX 8 come at winning you over completely (possibly favoring it over OpenGL)? Along those lines, what would you need to see implemented to win you over (if you are still more of an OpenGL person)?

Hook: The issue has less to do with the core API than with other factors. OpenGL uses a monolithic driver model under Windows, and this means that nearly ALL bugs can be fixed by a driver writer. I find this to be a huge advantage over a layered driver model such as D3D because it gives a lot of power to top tier IHVs. Sure, this means drivers from second tier IHVs could suck bad (much worse than with a layered driver model), but I'm not too concerned about second class hardware anyway.

The other big issue is portability -- there is still something to be said for porting cleanly to MacOS and Linux. While this may not make sense from a market perspective, it still appeals to the techie nerd part of me.

De andere vraag kan je op de hoofdpagina van VE lezen.