De mannen van GameSpot hebben de resultaten van hun playtest van Diablo II op het lijntje geknald.

Hier natuurlijk hun mening!The wait for Diablo II could be one of the longest in gaming history. However, the game is currently slated for release mid-June and a beta playtest ersion is scheduled for the next month or so. This will go out to 1,000 randomly selected players and journalists and will be an online-only multiplayer test, designed for action on Blizzard's home-grown gaming site,

Our sources in the US tell us that the main elements of the game are all in place and the beta is in Q&A at the moment. In fact, the whole game can be played right through to the end at this stage. As a result, most of the work which is being done right now involves adjusting the skill levels and AI of the monsters and player characters, along with other play-balancing issues. Bugs related to graphics and sound are also being fixed and the game is being tweaked in the system requirements department to ensure that it works on the maximum number of PCs.

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