Bij de DailyRadar zijn ze blijkbaar ook helemaal zot geworden van Diablo 2 (wie ondertussen nog niet?) en ze hebben daarom een preview van het Barbarian-figuur on-line geplaatst.A wanderer from the far away clans, the Barbarian was raised in an inhospitable land by a hard peoples. Constant strife and warfare among the clans have helped turn him into a man of great physical prowess. While he is not well mannered, nor is he learned, the Barbarian does have an understanding of things greater than himself. He knows that the evil that spreads across the land is a danger not only to him, but to the entire world -- even if the forces of evil are alien and bizarre to him. He seeks to wipe it out utterly, for that is what must be done. If he accumulates a little gold and hones his abilities along the way, so be it.Er zijn zelfs .wav-bestanden te downloaden van de character-stemmen.