Op Unreal Universe hebben ze wat info van Bob White, medewerker van Ionstorm losgepriegeld. Things are progressing well. The bug count for this latest round has dropped amazingly. We still have some more hammering on the game to clean up all of the little details. According to the QA staff there are no plot stoppers as of this writing, which means the game is playable (and there was much rejoicing). We (the designers) are busy cleaning up details (misaligned textures, bad path finding, etc.) and looking at balancing resources on each map as our goal for the week. The programmers (Chris, Scott and Al) Have been kicking ass and taking names, as far as reducing their bugs. The count is plummeting as I type. Al and Rob Kovach (one of our illustrious artists) have implemented new interface screens for the game that look wonderful. They have also added the capability for the user to define colors for the interface and HUD. A nice bit of customization for the user. Scott's taking a file to the AI and sharpening it. Every build shows a marked improvement in the NPC actions. Chris is beating Al and Scott as often as possible along with polishing combat and implementing new art, sounds and all the other goodies that make the game run and look well. The artists are polishing and refining objects, NPC's and textures. They also are providing another valuable test bed for playing the games and finding problems...supplementing our QA staff. The writers are refining and polishing the dialogue and in game text. Sheldon, Chris Todd and Austin Grossman are busy getting all of the word-smithing accomplished so we can look at starting the voice recording next month. Needless to say, everybody is busy and we are staying on track. Voor meer info lees Unreal Universe, Deus Ex, of Ionstorm.