Deus Ex is weer in het nieuws, eerst de aankondiging van een multiplayer patch. En nu is er ook een Tweakguide. Want de meeste spelers kunnen wel een paar extra frames per seconde gebruiken, eigenlijk iedereen wel The goal with this tweak guide is to make that playing experience a bit more enjoyable by leveraging your system to get its optimal performance when running Deus Ex. To that end, we'll be covering all of the various visual, audio, and system level tweaks that should help to increase the visual quality or performance of Deus Ex.

One of the key concepts in tweaking Deus Ex is that the game utilizes the Unreal Tournament engine. Because of this, many of the tweaks we have listed here were also listed in our UT Tweak Guide posted a few weeks back. There are, however, several tweaks that are crucial to getting both improved image quality and performance in Deus Ex. Before we dive into the in-game tweaks, let's cover some of the basic system-level tweaks that can help improve not only your Deus Ex performance, but your general machine performance as well.

First up, let's cover the most important setting - and the one that most folks will end up changing if they change anything at all. This would be the AGP Aperture Size, available from under the Advanced Chipset Features menu, in most mainboards anyways. This setting tells your system how much local memory is available to an AGP video card, for the times when all of the

video card's local memory is chewed up. For users that have the standard 128MB of RAM you'll want to set the Aperture size to either 64MB or 32MB. Even if you have 128+MB you'll want to stay with an Aperture of 64MB though some users might want to experiment with going up to a 128MB Aperture size. Those users between 64MB and 128MB of RAM will want to use the 32MB setting most likely. Ik doe alles voor een paar extra frames