De Software Development Kit van Deus Ex ziet eindelijk het daglicht. Na een eerder interview is er nu dan ook een heleboel meer bekend erover. De mogelijkheid bestaat dus nu om je eigen maps, wapens en truuks in het spel te kunnen implementeren. Zelf zijn de developers er heel enthousiast over, aangezien ze nu eindelijk maps kunnen spelen die ze nog niet kenden

De features: Create standalone Deus Ex missions

Build 3d maps from scratch, using Deus Ex textures and sounds

Modify existing Deus Ex maps

Share their creations with other members of the Deus Ex gaming community

The Deus Ex SDK includes:

A version of UnrealEd specifically modified to work with Deus Ex. This is the level builder that was used to build every map in the game. UnrealEd can be used to build level geometry, place NPCs and items in the world, set up conversations, handle AI alliances and reactions, and script camera movements during endgames and end-of-mission sequences. It can also export all the UnrealScript source code for Deus Ex, for further study or modification.

A version of the UnrealScript compiler, UCC, modified to work with Deus Ex.

ConEdit, Deus Ex's conversation editor. This is a full-featured dialogue and camera editor used to script dialogue between NPCs, specify conversation options, handle random or semi-random barks, and set up context-specific conversations based on in-game boolean flags. Users will also be able to create and import their own MP3 speech files to go along with the new conversations they create.

Sample conversation files from three Deus Ex missions -- the Training Mission, Mission 1 (UNATCO Island) and Mission 2 (Battery Park and the streets of New York).

A tool that converts Lightwave objects to an Unreal-compatible format. Models built in Lightwave can be imported into Deus Ex using this utility. A sample batch file is included as an example of how to combine multiple Lightwave objects into a single animated mesh.

Extensive documentation for the SDK, with detailed descriptions of all features and information on how to build Deus Ex add-on levels.