Bij RPGVault hebben ze 16 nieuwe screens van first-person RPG Deus Ex. Bob berichtte al dat het spel goud is, dus we hoeven niet lang te wachten . Set in a dark, corporate-controlled, near-future world rife with anarchy and conspiracies, Deus Ex is ION Storm Austin's eagerly awaited first-person RPG that will be reaching store shelves shortly. As a nano-technologically augmented member of an elite anti-terrorist organization called UNATCO, you travel to a number of real life locations as you are swept up into a mystifying chain of events that you can address using force, guile or technology. A demo comprised of the training segment and the first mission from the game has just been released. The game's Unreal Tournament-based engine offers some striking visuals of UNATCO's training areas, the organization's headquarters and the adjoining Statue of Liberty. However, it weighs in at almost 140 megs, a pretty hefty download even with a fast connection, so we thought you might enjoy a look at some images from these initial areas of the game in an all-new Deus Ex Gallery. Ik kan niet wachten!!