Gamecenter heeft een preview geschreven van Deus Ex, 1 van de spellen die in ontwikkeling zijn bij Ion Storm. Zoals je misschien al weet wordt Deus Ex een shooter met RPG elementen. The game is set in the near future, perhaps 50 years out. It's a dark world, ruled by powerful corporations and shadowy governments, and a plague is loose. To make things worse, terrorists are manipulating the plague to their own ends, and it'll be your job to stop them. You will play the games as JC Denton, an elite special agent who incorporates the newest class of cybernetic augmentations, which let Denton pass as a regular human while enjoying the advantages of computerized parts. Throughout the game you'll have to select which skills and augmentations Denton will have, which should help create considerable replay value; after all, by changing these enhancements you'll alter the way in which the game is played.De Ionstorm website vindt je hier.