Bij ga-rpg hebben ze een kleine preview online geplaatst over het spel Deus Ex, maar vooral interessant zijn de nieuwe screenshots. The gameplay for Deus Ex is a mix of System Shock 2 and Thief, but with a bit more first person shooter (FPS) influence than either of them. You can choose to solve your missions in a variety of ways due to the games skill system. You can be stealthy by combining computer hacking and lockpicking with assassin style kills. Another method would be to concentrate your skills on weapons and go in guns a blazing like a FPS. In addition, you can easily learn new skills as you play by training in them. The ability to solve missions in a variety of ways and customize your character while you play not only adds replay value to Deus Ex, but it also appeals to both CRPG and FPS fans alike. The gameplay is also challenging even on the lowest difficulty settings.Lees de complete preview hier..