Gamers Central heeft een preview gemaakt van Ion Storm's 1st person RPG Deus Ex. Ook zijn ze zo aardig geweest om deze online te gooien.Deus Ex is a role-playing game, with 3d shooter influences, that takes place in the year 2052 and by then anything goes. For those who can spare the cash upgrades for your body, by means of experimental nano bots, are available. It's not a game where you, after having killed about 50 nasties, see your muscles increase in size. Don't get me wrong, I don't see any problems with that kind of games but when you get to think of it, this is a more realistic option as far as there is a way to combine nano bots and realistic in one sentence. The downside is that those nifty nano enhancements can break down after having endured too much damage. You're very much enjoying that useful nano-enhanced eye with zoom function and then some moron wacks you in the head a couple of times and say bye-bye to the enhancement. Or you finally have gotten used to that flock of nano bots that'll let you jump higher and further, you finally have gotten fully used to it's functionality and then, just before you're about to make a very dangerous jump, you painfully learn that nano bots lack eternal life even though you've been putting quite a lot of effort in staying out of trouble. It's the story of your life right? You finally have that cool gizmo you always wanted and shortly after having acquired it breaks down. In that respect, Deus Ex sucks as much as real life does.