Ik denk dat ik met dit bericht heel veel mensen blijmaak, inclusief mijzelf

Let wel, ze zeggen dat het 30 juni in de winkels ligt in Amerika, dus het kan nog 2 weekjes duren voordat het in Nederland te krijgen is. Eidos Interactive has sent word that the much-anticipated Deus Ex will be in stores June 30. The press release states it best: Deus Ex incorporates elements of RPGs, adventure releases and first-person shooters into a “chaotic blend of real-world conspiracies, cliffhangers and plot twists.” Sounds good to us, but to get a genuine grasp on the game, read our extensive hands-on feature, which covers ground most articles have missed. To better understand where Deus Ex is in its development process and to follow up on the chances of the design team at ION Storm Austin meeting Eidos' announced release date, the Adrenaline Vault contacted public relations representative Brian Kemp. Kemp told us new versions are being sent to QA on a regular basis, though gold master candidates are not being submitted. “The first master candidate will come close to the gold master date, and it will require just one or two masters to get approval,” Kemp said. The catch in testing a game on the scale of Deus Ex is evaluating all the possibilities, since there are innumerable paths gamers can explore, Kemp continued. “The game does a great job of recording what has happened. For example, in one area, people are supposed to rub out a drug dealer. When gamers meet the person who gives them this assignment, if the streets have been cleaned beforehand, the NPC moves to the next item on the list. So there are a lot of variables to test and perfect,” Kemp said. Toch wel heel bijzonder nieuws natuurlijk van Ion Storm en Eidos.

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