VTec schreef dat er een demo te downloaden is van Pro Rally 2001. Dat er de laatste tijd zoveel rally games uitkomen was te verwachten. De rally spellen gaan als warme broodjes over de toonbank en dat moet UbiSoft ook gedacht hebben. Pro Rally 2001 moet de concurrentie aangaan met de Colin McRae Rally en of dat lukt, moet je zelf even proberen.Since Colin McRae took the racing scene by storm, rally titles have been among the most popular driving games. At ECTS, Ubi Soft gave us a first look at Pro-Rally 2001, a game that aims to out-McRae Colin McRae Rally 2.0. Rather than take the linear approach favoured by rally titles, Pro-Rally gives players an open-ended option of choosing their own route through a gorgeous series of courses. Whether you're racing from an external view or driving from the impressive behind-the-wheel camera, Pro-Rally has a really authentic feel which marks it out as a real contender for the rally crown.

Fifteen real-life rally motors, including the Peugeot 209, test your worthiness over 24 different courses set within 12 different countries. With realistic weather conditions and accurately modelled road surfaces, it's certainly going to be the full, authentic article. You'll also be able to compete in arcade, championship or multiplayer competition to fully establish your rally driving credentials.

*Zwijmel* De Peugeot 306 Rally versie

Pro Rally 2001 Demo 32MB