Gamersdepot had een interview met Wes Eckhart van NovaLogic. De vragen ging voornamelijk over de engine en de ondersteuning van 3d kaarten. Op het gebied van gameplay is er weinig verander zegt ook Wes, iets wat ook onze Frank constateerde in zijn preview.We recently had a chance to chat with Wes Eckhart from NovaLogic, developer of the upcoming game Delta Force - Land Warrior. Hear what Wes has to say. . .

GD: In the past NovaLogic embraced the voxel technologies for ever it seems, and we understand that Land Warrior is a completely new engine, with what appears like no voxels blurring up things. Why did it take so long to move away from the blocky voxel engines of the past for NovaLogic, and what kind of engine are you using in Land Warrior?

Wes Eckhart: "The graphics engine in Delta Force: Land Warrior is a new hybrid engine that features full

hardware acceleration -- in fact, it requires a 3D accelerator card -- but retains the advantages our voxel engines had. Now we can deliver larger, more complex interiors in addition to the vast, detailed outdoor environments that Delta Force fans have come to love."

GD: With new and ever-changing improvements in the area of hardware (i.e. CPUs, video cards, etc) how hard, or

easy has your job become as a developer?

Wes Eckhart: "It's always a welcome challenge to develop a game using new technology. It's rewarding, because

today's hardware has come so far, and we're constantly able to do more and more with games. For example,

advancements with the latest 3D cards have finally made it possible for us to fully accelerate a Delta Force game without losing the vast viewing distances and long-range sniper engagements we've had in the previous games. The key is balancing the current installed technology base with where the technology will be once the product ships."Delta Force: Land Warrior interview, lees en huiver .