Onze collega's van Gamespot.UK hebben tijdens de tea-time een gesprekje gehad met Wes Eckhart. Wes werkt bij Novalogic en is in die hoedanigheid de producer van Delta Force Land Warrior. Het interview gaat dieper in op het wapengebruik, het realisme en de gameplay. GSUK: This "realistic action" sub-genre is getting more and more crowded with new entrants like Project IGI, what distinguishes Delta Force Land Warrior from the pack?

WE: Delta Force: Land Warrior offers a unique combination of features that isn't found in other games. DFLW provides gamers with vast outdoor environments with long-viewing distances, and highly detailed interiors as well. Players also can take advantage of realistic terrain which can be used for cover, whether it's a protective dip in a meadow or a prime sniping spot located in the crevice of a hillside.

Plus players have access to a large-scale multi-player environment via NovaWorld, where there are games with up to 50 players, Voice-Over-Net support so that you can talk to a squadmate with the push of a button, and a large selection of multi-player games available, including various versions of Death Match, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, etc.

The US release of DFLW also coincided with the debut of NovaWorld 2, which allows us to track the successes of players now. There is a ranking system in place, so that newbies can play against each other as they get their bearings in multiplayer games, and as their skills improve, they will automatically be placed in harder games with more experienced players. There are also awards for various things, such as number of kills, medic saves, etc.

Ga ook gezellig bij Gamespot.UK op de thee. Wil je nog meer weten over deze game lees dan de preview die Frank heeft geschreven.