Speedy 3D heeft de moeite genomen op Delta Force 2 te reviewen. Meer lees je bij hem of hieronder een stukkie!It's not always your team though, I actually found the in ability to give you own squad better orders and their own lack of intelligence caused them to trigger the alarm numerous times in varying engagements. While you may crawl prone all the way right up to the guard post at a camp and spend time taking out one after another of the guards, your boys will rush in head long and unless you kill the snipers aiming at their heads then they die and so do you (without backup). It's all rather tedious at times, our advice is to keep your team back and wait until you yourself have taken the initial guards out. Call your squad in ONLY when it's as clear as it can be or you need a suicide team )Despite the flaws in AI that still exist from the original, you will find DF2 still a very fun game to play although you do need some mental discipline to stop yourself running in guns blazing. That actually comes via way of you dieing a lot, like teaching a dog how to fetch a bone. The missions do vary and sometimes a guns blazing assault will actually achieve the desired result, but not often. Most of the time it's either an escort, attack or rescue mission and all of which end up like the original with you using the same style of gameplay for each. Namely run around and kill a lot of people or be sneaky and plant some bombs and then leg it.DeltaForce2 is a lot of fun so long as your willing to play it like it should be played; it requires patience and cunning but can be very rewarding. Thus if you don't posses these qualities you may not like it. It also needs work on the AI and perhaps a little added realism with more ambient sounds but that's about it. A Good game but just not an all round good game. When you can hide in vehicles, drive vehicles and dress as the enemy to enter a base covertly then it'll rock bells.