Bij Specforce staat een uitgebreid interview over de actie game Deadly Dozen. Er word gesproken met Jason Zisk, de lead programmer, Phil Vitiello, AI en sound programmer, en Jeff Birns, lead artist. Deadly Dozen is een tactical shooter die zich afspeelt in de tweede wereldoorlog, in de periode 1942-1945. Je hebt onder andere missies in Noorwegen, Frankrijk, Afrika en Duitsland.How is your squad controlled? Orders on the fly (point and click?, hotkeys?, map screen?)

Jason: It is all done through four keys. You can tell them to follow you, stay put, fire at will or hold fire. It is a very simple interface that takes almost no time to learn. You can get more involved than those four keys though, you can tell your men to attack a specific target, you can give orders to specific guys and of course you can hop into any of your squad member's bodies to take direct control. So you can just run around with your squad trailing behind you firing away or you can get into it and set up complex ambushes and cover fire. It allows you to get however deep you want to get.

Er wordt ondermeer gepraat het bedrijf zelf, de engine, de AI, of je dingen kan vernielen en meer. De release date is zes november. Lees het interview hier.