Bij CheckOut staat een stukje over de toekomst van je Gameconsoles en nog beter, 10 aardige ideeen om er nog iets nuttigs mee te doen!

Met een aardige disclaimer erbij: Don't actually do anything you read here. Remember kids, electricity hurts and terrorism is illegal.See that N64 sitting over there? How about that PlayStation? If you concentrate you can feel the vibe of paranoia emanating from each. They know it's coming. The end is nigh. Out with the old, in with the new. Maybe they're putting up a fuss, claiming they still have plenty of life left in their motherboards. Don't listen. It's all just the futile ramblings of a device that knows its days are numbered. In anticipation of the fateful day when the PlayStation and N64 become entirely useless as gaming platforms, I now offer you 10 useful ideas (in no particular order) on how to eke out a little more longevity.