Laatst hadden wij al bericht over de CPL. Het toernooi waar je geld krijgt als je goed kan FPSen. De finales zijn geweest en Eurogamer heeft er heerlijk leesvoer van gemaakt. Je kan ook de demo's downloaden om te zien hoe de echte "grote" spelen.Introduction

The CPL makes its first move into Europe this summer with the debut CPL-Europe event - the "Scandinavian Open", taking place in Stockholm this August. Once again the UK qualifier for the event is taking place in the heart of London at The Playing Fields, a mixture of bar and LAN gaming venue, with twenty computers powered by AMD Athlon 800 processors and brand new GeForce 2 GTS graphics cards ensuring excellent frame rates for the competitors. The winner of the qualifier will get flown out to Stockholm to take part in the first Scandinavian Open, where $25,000 in cash prizes will be up for grabs as some of the top players from around Europe and the rest of the world descend on Sweden to frag it out in a Quake III Arena duel tournament. He will also get £500 spending money to paint the town a light shade of pastel pink during the tournament, as well as free accommodation. The Final

And so the two players were back to where it all started - Q3DM13. Blokey spawned near the megahealth and grabbed that straight away, but Timber had gotten the rocket launcher in the meantime and Blokey's lowly machinegun was no match for it. Coming back for the megahealth again after respawning, Blokey rocket jumped up out of the alcove to intercept Timber, catching him with a rocket but unable to finish him off. As a consolation he grabbed the megahealth as he fell back into the alcove again, and before long he had tracked down the wounded Timber and felled him (ooh, bad pun). Timber was soon back in action though, recovering the lead with a quarter of the game gone. Blokey took another rocket jump up from the alcove, but finding nothing of interest he dropped back down to grab the megahealth as it respawned. Spotting Timber he chased him down the corridor into the pentagram room, but couldn't finish him. Things started to go Timber's way again, with a pair of quick frags extending his lead to three frags, before Blokey's shaft burnt a hole through Timber to make it 4 : 2. Timber picked up another kill with the rocket launcher, and again Blokey's game was starting to look a little ragged as he missed a normally easy (for him) rocket jump in the courtyard. Blokey waited in ambush in the pentagram room, greeting Timber with a flurry of rockets as he teleported into the room, but again he couldn't finish him off. Like London buses, we waited a minute for a frag and then two came along at once! A close quarters rocket battle ended in disaster as the two players blew each other up, taking the score to 6 : 3 in a shower of chunky gibs. Mmm... Meaty. Timber was on the offensive again though, picking up his seventh frag in a rocket battle in the pentagram room, and he seemed to have the upper-hand as the fierce fighting continued. With one minute to go, Timber and Blokey met near the lightning gun, with Timber eventually hosing him down with his shaft as they fought their way around the fleshy pillar. Blokey came right back at him in a last ditch attempt though, and took it to 8: 4 with only half a minute left to play. Seconds later he had picked up a fifth, but it was too little too late. As Timber relaxed a little too much, Blokey picked up one last frag to make the final score 8 : 6. Wow......Q3A is niet mijn spel, maar ik vond dit toch wel erg cool om te lezen. Eurogamers CPL verslag en Demo's