Er zijn maar weinig spellen die zoveel invloed hebben gehad op de huidige generatie computergames als Doom. Deze klassieker zat vol met nieuwigheden en zeer goede multiplayermogelijkheden.

Gampro besloot terug te kijken naar dit spel en hebben er een artikeltje aan gewijd. Aside from what were then cutting-edge graphics and frenetic gameplay, Doom featured an incredible MIDI soundtrack that was perfectly matched to the pace of the game. The eerie and haunting music alternated with a driving panicked beat, melding into an unforgettable audio experience. The Doom soundtrack was a milestone and composer Robert Prince's magnum opus.

Of course, a game that featured so much blood inevitably drew controversy. Not that a game that ran at 640x480 could be considered "realistic violence" really. Blocky red pixels of blood and green goo are hardly worth getting excited over. But still, the lumps of guts left over after each kill were particularly gruesome, even by today's standards. And who could forget the bunny head on a stake at the end of the game?

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