Bij de 3dActionplanet zijn ze op de grappige tour gegaan en bekeken ze de komende toppers met een humoristische blik.

Trek die lachspieren maar aan mensen Thief 3-- What happens when the dark, mysterious Garrett meets the Hardy Boys and the Scooby Gang in an all-out final fight in Ireland on St. Patrick's Day? Only time and this highly-anticipated game will tell. Or

just watch the news on St. Patrick's Day.

Doom 3-- The Doom marine is finally coming out of retirement!! Now 70 and qualifies for a senior discount card in most Hometown Buffet locations across the nation, the marine is now badder, meaner, and more prone to diabetes. Duke Nukem Forever-- Perhaps the most anticipated computer game of year 2005, it features, once again, Duke Nukem as the popular hero. Extremely little information is known; however, it can be safe to assume that, the title "Duke Nukem Forever" refers less to the plotline and more to Duke's sexual abilities. Team Fortress 2-- As the only chance for the fledgling developer, Valve, to rise to superstardom, Valve is betting that the game will be more popular than the missionary position. What this may mean to the financial stability of Valve, as well as the future population of the world, remains to be seen. Ja, hier valt weinig zinnigs over te zeggen