Davilex heeft de duitsers flink boos gemaakt. In Invasion Deutschland sloopt een enorm monster het beroemde Reichstag gebouw, iets wat de duitsers nogal raakt omdat op die locatie een enorme strijd is geleverd in de WO II. Door deze scene uit het spel is er kans dat het spel verboden gaat worden.Here is something interesting from the international front: The German police are displeased with a new computer game that features a monster assaulting the Reichstag parliament building. “This is tasteless. The legislature would never allow it,” an agent for the legislature told Reuters, adding that officials were considering legal action to stop the game from hitting shops next month. Film for the computer game was shot without permission, he said.

A mouthpiece for manufacturer Davilex, which has turned video footage of the German debating chamber into interactive 3D animation for the game, titled Invasion Deutschland, said he saw no legal problem and denied the game was brutal. “People defend the fatherland against the monster,” he said. Other scenarios include driving the monster from Cologne's Gothic cathedral or a famous beer cellar in Munich.

Toch niet zo onschuldig dus, die Davilex spelletjes