Sander Korringa schrijft: "Er is een interview gehouden door STOMPED met David Stalker de producer van AvP2. Ik hoop dat deze game net zo goed wordt als de eerste want met de nieuwe lithtech engine en natuurlijk het verhaal is het al veelbelovend.

": Stomped: You have been producer of Aliens vs. Predator since its days with Rebellion. How does it feel to be finally working on a new version of AvP? Stalker: "...finally..." :-) I don't know what you mean! I've been working on AvP constantly since I got here over three years ago! It's very interesting to be working with Monolith and getting a different team's take on the AvP universe but, at the same time, we've been constantly working with Rebellion as well with the Gold Edition and now with the new downloadable levels that we're working on as well as some other cool stuff we're doing with Rebellion. Stomped: How much input have you taken from AvP players and fans in developing the sequel? Stalker: Obviously we've tried to listen to as much input as we possibly can. To an extent I even like to focus on the criticism rather than the praise since I'm interested to see what we did that didn't work for people so that we can try and do better next time. Of course what happens then is that you get opposing opinions from fans themselves, then what do you do? Even the *controversial* lack of 'save anywhere functionality' had lots of fans AND lots of detractors. I don't think ..... Rest van het interview is hier te vinden :