Het is weer tijd voor de RTS-golf. Laatst Tiberian Sun, Ground Control, Dogs of War, Earth2150 en er komen er nog een paar zoals Red Alert 2 en Dark Reign2. Die laatste wordt grondig gepreviewd bij Avault.

En volgens de previewer kan/zal het een topper worden.

(we wachten af )

Overall Thoughts: It is really hard to find something not to like about this upcoming offering. Dark Reign 2 is a worthy successor and expands on the innovations that made the original look great. Besides appearance, Dark Reign 2 has a great gameplay engine that offers tactical perks if the player is willing to take the time and learn the advantages and disadvantages of each unit and how they react to terrain. I never would have discovered on my own that Dark Reign 2 gives a bonus to units with higher elevation, though it may seem obvious; little features like this are often neglected in this genre, or done unrealistically. The units are well balanced and you won't find yourself getting stumped by the rush syndrome if you know the strengths and weaknesses of each one. I've never had so much fun running around and exploring with a small group in an RTS game. The terrain is breathtaking and every time I thought I had seen everything, I was surprised with something new, whether it was watching units emerge from a misty waterfall, or seeing the sun set from a high peak for the first time. Though I rejoiced when I saw Ground Control for what it offered to refresh the genre, Dark Reign 2 keeps the formula that we have grown accustomed to in 2D RTS offerings and ups the ante tenfold.

Das natuurlijk erg belangrijk voor een goede RTS dat de units "balanced" zijn . Dark Reign2 Preview