De fansite Camelot Vault heeft een report geschreven over de public beta van Dark Age of Camelot. In het report worden de ervaringen van de schrijver bijgehouden en wordt aan de hand hiervan uitgelegd hoe het spel werkt en waar je op moet letten.A First Hand Look: Stashing the spider's claw in her backpack, Qayi is soon ready to take on another creature. She does not have long to travel before another Plague Spider crosses her path and she moves in for battle. She shudders at the size of the squealing arachnid, bringing her mace down against it's chitinous armor with a satisfying smack.

While Dark Age of Camelot is designed to be played mainly from the trailing third person view, the player may engage first person view to get a close look at enemies or other characters. The camera can also be zoomed in and out and rotated around the player when in third person view. The Inventory window appears in this screen, which shows what the character has equipped for battle as well as the items being carried in her backpack. The claw of the first spider Qayi defeated can be seen in her inventory here

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