Voor de mensen die de demo toch gedownload hebben en er problemen mee hebben heeft Romero zijn .plan geupdate met enkele tips om de demo toch aan de praat te krijgen. As per the readme.txt in the Daikatana Demo: My god, it's finally finished. And I thought working on a game for 1.5 years was long....wow. I wish everyone would take a nice, objective look at the game and not base their criticisms on hype, but on play value and what we've worked to achieve: a really fun single-player experience. We did not develop Daikatana to take on Quake 3 or UT, but we put multiplayer in the game because I really like my single-player games multiplayerable. Is that a new word? There have been a few technical issues with the demo that you can fix or workaround with the following information:

(Q1) Multiplayer is laggy or extremely choppy.

(A1) The server should have its CONNECT RATE turned up to T1/LAN (in the Multiplayer Menu). Make sure your client connect rate is turned up as well.

(Q2) Daikatana doesn't work with a Voodoo2. (A2) There are two fixes for this: (1) edit your config file (in the DATA subdirectory) and change "opengl32" to "3dfxgl" or "3dfxvgl", (2) download and install the miniGL driver from http://www.3dfxgamers.com/view.asp?PAGE=V2drivers

(Q3) Running the DKDEMO.EXE on Windows 2000 gives you an error (Insert Disk 1) (A3) Use WINZIP to extract the DKDEMO.EXE file, then run the SETUP.EXE program to install the demo

(Q4) The game pauses for a long time when you're playing multiplayer (seems like a lockup) (A4) This is a bug in the demo only that occurs when you are attempting to connect to the Catacomb level (Greek time period). Just wait 20 seconds and you'll connect.

So far, these cover 99% of the problems that people are having. I'd like to say thanks to everyone who has been emailing me their raves and congrats -- thanks a lot, you guys make it all worth it.