EvilAvatar heeft een review gedaan van de demo van Daikatana. In review kan je duidelijk merken dat hij het een slechte demo vind. Uitspraken zoals "We waited four years for this?" en "Daikatana sucks the sweat off of dogs balls" maken dat toch wel duidelijk .The big question you want to as is, "Is it fun." And in the case of Daikatana, the answer is no. Average level design, average weapons, average sounds and average enemy models do not add up to a first rate title. Save your money for something else, or go pick up Soldier of Fortune if you have not already. When you get to the computer store, expect to see a police officer in an orange blazer waving people past the Daikatana aisle... "Move along... nothing to see here." Right away, clever gamers will smell a rat. The levels from the Deathmatch Demo sucked ass... why would anyone in their right mind have included one of those maps in the demo again? Most people's impressions from the first Daikatana demo were not good, to say the least, so including one of those horrible maps again can only suggest that these are as good as it gets and there won't be anything better waiting for people who make the sad mistake of purchasing the full version of the game. Ik ben de demo nog aan het binnenhalen met Traagsema, maar iedereen met een modem is dus gewaarschuwd ! De rest van de review is hier te vinden.