Salon heeft een biografie gemaakt over Daikatana, deze gaat meer over het leven van de developers dan over de game, maar toch interessant om te lezen.This tense moment hit during one of several all-nighters I pulled with Daikatana's 31-person development team over several months last fall. The team was hustling to stuff stockings for Christmas 1999 -- two years after the game's original release date. As it turns out, they didn't make it; Daikatana has yet to hit shelves as this article appears in early March. Yet again, the perceived impotence of their boss, gaming demigod John Romero, will be almost pornographically devoured by pundits, nonbelievers, even avid gamers who desperately want to get their fingers on Daikatana. It comes with the territory for Romero, who created two of the genre's bestsellers to date, Doom and Quake. But the fetish surrounding Ion Storm's growing pains has obscured a deeper mystery: Why do people like these young developers turn over their lives to a computer game?