Laatst al het nieuws dat er een Multiplayer patch zou komen voor FAKK2. Nu brengt ons het persbericht dat een stel amateurs bezig zijn met een CTF Mod. FAKK2 wordt zo wel een stuk completer. Je kan hem verwachten in de herfst/winter.FAKK2:CTF Comes Out of the Shadows!

Capture-The-Flag mod to be released for Heavy Metal: FAKK2 This summer has seen the release of the intense and exciting title, Heavy Metal: FAKK2 by Ritual Entertainment. Based off the ever-popular Heavy Metal universe, FAKK2 was created using an enhanced Quake3 engine.

But with news & rumors in the months before FAKK2's release, came the knowledge of "NO MULTIPLAYER". Fans, although anticipating the single player, started craving the replayability seen in multiplayer.


FAKK2:CTF, a continuation of the legendary Capture-the-Flag (CTF) modification, involves the players being assigned to one of two sides. Each team attempts to capture the other teams' flag while protecting their own. In addition to the mandatory CTF gameplay, the player will be able to upgrade themselves with various power-ups. The weapon inventory will be identical to that of FAKK2 single player, but will also introduce a multi-use weapon based off the popular Unreal Tournament.

Players will be able to combat in a variety of theme-based levels, staying true to the style of FAKK2 single player, yet having their own unique look and gameplay.

More info about FAKK2:CTF will be released during the

developement. A release is expected sometime in Fall/Winter 2000. Genoeg FAKK dit en FAKK you grappen, maar who gives a FAKK