Gamers Central heeft een previewtje gemaakt van het vlieg-spel 'Crimson Skies', gemaakt door Zipper Interactive en gepubliseerd door Microsoft. Het is geen echte Flight Sim maar ook geen arcade shooter. Het ligt er precies tussen in. De previewer was er erg positief over.Crimson Skies is a game that's currently in development by Zipper Interactive, who are not a bunch of newcomers to the market, as they've proven themselves with titles such as Mech Warrior 3 and Recoil. In Crimson Skies the player will not enter a big mechanical robot or steer a customisable manoeuvrable tank but the vessel will nevertheless be armoured, armed and potentially dangerous. (...)Crimson Skies is taking place in the year 1937, because of the strain of wars (American Civil War and First World War), diseases (several influenza epidemics), bad political developments (prohibiting alcohol, denouncement of the Washington government) and unsavoury economical events (crashing of the stock markets) have caused America to be divided into smaller alliances. Can you imagine California being renamed to the 'Nation of Hollywood' and Utah being governed by Mormons. De release staat gepland voor het derde kwart van dit jaar. De officiele site is hier te vinden.