Na onder andere Tomb Raider en Final Fantasy zal ook Crazy Taxi op het witte doek verschijnen. Deze DreamCast game wordt verfilmd met Richard Donner (bekend van Lethal Weapon onder andere) als producer. Dat Crazy Taxi gekozen wordt is op zich niet zo vreemd, het spel is namelijk een dikke miljoen keer over de toonbank gegaan. Daarnaast heeft het faam verworven in de arcade hallen. Het staat op de derde plaats van best verkochte DreamCast games.

De reden die Donner geeft voor deze keuze is dat Crazy Taxi zich in de echte, realistische wereld afspeelt, daardoor is het goed te verfilmen. Sega zal overigens ook advies geven bij het maken van de film.Said Donner: "I plan on doing a lot of experimentation with this film, trying things no one's really played around with, to really put the audience in the front or back seat of the taxi during the action sequences. You can do a lot more with the camerawork in a movie to make the action sequences feel like those in the game."

Donner said he believes the game will translate well to the big screen because it is grounded in the real world.

"While a lot of video games are set in science fiction environments or fantasy worlds, 'Crazy Taxi' is set in New York City with a Russian cab driver," Donner said. "If you do this right, it'll be a lot of fun."

Sega will serve as a consultant throughout the film's production and might incorporate original characters scripted for the film in a future 'Crazy Taxi' video game. At the very least, Sega will try to time a future video game release with the film or home video window.

" 'Crazy Taxi' is one of the biggest franchises to come out of Sega in the last two years," said Jane Thompson, director of licensing and character development at Sega of America. "The 'Crazy Taxi' movie is a very important element in turning this best-selling video game franchise into an entertainment franchise."

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