Bij Stomped hebben ze een interview gehouden met Gooseman en Cliffe (de oprichters van Counter-Strike) waarbij ze vragen stellen over zowel het verleden (die goede oude tijd ) als de toekomst.Stomped: When did the folks at Valve first come to you to talk about officially putting Counter-Strike on their list of mods?

Gooseman: Oh at around CS BETA 5, Valve decided that CS was a worthy enough product to buy the license to. I think this resulted in us being branded as "sell-outs" but I was sick of living off bread and water. It was time to enjoy some of the finer things in life like proper heating and nutritous meals that adhered to the 5 food groups.

Cliffe: I applaud Valve for recognizing the hard work of modmakers. Firearms, Wanted, CS and others will all be published -- and that's something not many modmakers for other games get to enjoy. There's always the issue of "what about the other mods that didn't make it," but I think that is unavoidable and will even make other mod teams work harder to achieve something like this.

Money isn't an issue at all. In fact, there are so many people with content on the upcoming retail CD's, that I'm predicting none of the mod teams are going to be buying a new BMW (or Pinto for that matter). It's more about seeing something you worked so hard on, on a shelf in the local Software store. That's very rewarding.

Stomped: Do you plan to continue to refine the mod after version 1.0 is released?

Gooseman: Yes, future versions should be done to address bugs/cheats that crop up.

Cliffe: Yes, there will probably be a 1.1, 1.2, etc.

Stomped: Have you and Valve talked about creating a mod for their upcoming Team Fortress II?

Gooseman: Not a peep.

cliffe: Half a peep, maybe. Mmm, those marshmallow peeps are so tasty.

Counter-Strike Forever? De eerste tijd zal CS iniedergeval de multiplayer scene weten te boeien (en domineren ).

Hoewel het bij CS vooral draait om de Gameplay, zou het toch goed zijn dat CS ook gaat uitkomen op de TF2 engine. De Half-life engine komt immers al uit 1998 (zelfs vanuit de Quake 1 engine, 1996), die nou toch wel een beetje overstretched raakt (qua graphics).

Check hier het hele interview.