Neo2K melde: dat Beta 6 is verschenen.

Counter-Strike Beta 6 is uit. Er is een update patch en een full patch. De update is 21MB, de full patch is 45MB...

Het heeft me bloed, zweet en tranen gekost, omdat alle servers steeds plat lagen, je kon er gewoon niet tussen komen.

De nieuwe opties:BETA 6.0


- added MAC-10 weapon

- added Steyr Aug weapon

- added new gametype: Assassination (as_x)

- added new gametype: Escape (es_x)

- added right and left handed weapons

- added new radar tracking for teammates

- re-added Night Vision Goggles

- added new Terrorist Snow player model

- added new CT French GIGN player model

- tweaked player speeds / acceleration

- added new radio commands

- redone mp5 model / animations

- added maps de_fang, es_jail, es_frantic, as_oilrig, as_riverside, cs_747

- updated previous maps

New Beta 6.0 Commands:

+showradar (default) : Turns radar on.

-showradar : Removes radar from your screen.

nightvision : Bind this key to toggle NVG when purchased. Misc 6.0 Notes:

Assassination Gameplay: One member of the CT team will serve as the VIP.

The object is to get the VIP safely to the pre-defined escape points. If he dies, the CT's lose the round. If he makes it safely, the CT's win. VIP has a unique skin, only carries a knife, and has ample body armor. Certain weapons cannot be purchased by each team in this gameplay scenario. Escape Gameplay: The T team starts out in a fortified location and must "escape" to one of the pre-defined escape points. The CT's must exterminate them before they can escape. The T's win the round once 50% of the team has successfully escaped. They can also break into the armory to steal weapons, or just get out of there. The two teams will switch roles after every 8 rounds of play. After buying NVG, you toggle it on/off by using the "nightvision" command. Be warned that the NVG will not be effective on every hardware setup. It may or not work well for you. To switch between right and left hand weapons, go to: multiplayer > Customize > Advanced Options There will be a checkbox for you to select the hand of your choice. waag je poging om het te downloaden hier.

En succes, want op Fileplanet is de full van 42 Mb al 40.000 keer gedownload in 1 nacht.