Mocht je nog niet genoeg hebben gehad van alle Xbox kritiek, vergelijkingen, geruchten etc heeft Daily Radar een leuke console round-up gemaakt. Hierin worden alle 'new-gen' consoles (Dreamcast, Playstation2, GameCube en Xbox) onder de loep genomen. Het belangrijkst is natuurlijk de buitenkant van de consoles:

Sega Editor Greg Orlando: Though there's nothing particularly gorgeous about the Dreamcast itself, it's not half the eyesore that the Nintendo Gamecube will be -- or one-tenth as sterile as Sony's overhyped DVD player, the PlayStation2. The Dreamcast comes in stark white and (soon) none-more-black -- and does not seek to be anything but a unit with which to play games. Xbox Editor Jim Preston: Right now, details on the Xbox's design are a little sketchy. We've seen artist's impressions of what the final design will look like, but given that we are more than a year away, those details could change. Nonetheless, some things we do know about, like the cool black, silver and dark green color scheme, and the green dome on the top that will light up with the words "Powered By DirectX." No doubt about it, the Xbox is going to look awesome. Sony Editor Daniel Erickson: Hands down, the clear winner in the looks department is the PS2. The Dreamcast isn't unattractive per se and the Xbox is still a mystery, but it's awfully hard to surpass the PS2's clean lines, stylized look and, of course, blue LED. We won't even talk about the Gamecube. That's far too easy. Nintendo Editor Mike Wolf: The Gamecube's boxy shape might not be too attractive to some, but the small form factor and handle will make it the perfect portable system, and the variety of colors hasn't been set yet, so you can stop mocking the Teletubby Purple. You have to admit one thing -- it's certainly the most unique design of the four consoles. Console artikel