Het grootste probleem voor FPS'ers die straks ook over willen stappen op een console is natuurlijk dat de controllers daar absoluut niet voor geschikt zijn. Echter hebben de meeste developers best wel vertrouwen in. Quake 3 én Unreal Tournament worden beiden geport, en de (p)reviews zijn tot nu toe vrij positief. David Wilson van MercuryCenter was er wel vrij positief over:Normally, you play these kinds of games using both a mouse and keyboard. The mouse -- usually used with the right hand -- controls the ``view,'' quickly allowing players to glance anywhere and aim precisely, while the mouse keys usually control fire. Player movement, including such actions as jumping, is normally controlled by the left hand using the keyboard, which is also used to change weapons and such.

That kind of setup doesn't work with the kind of controller normally found on a game console. Current theories suggest that it's going to be difficult for somebody playing Quake on a Dreamcast to last long against somebody playing Quake on a PC. The controls available on the PC are simply far superior to the classic console control for such games.

[...]I was fortunate enough to be able to speak recently with one of the engineers putting the final touches on Quake. While he agreed to talk, he asked that his name not be used. He insisted that the folks behind this effort are very cognizant of the problem and have tweaked the game to make it possible for console players to play with the same capabilities PC players take for granted.

``We think people are going to be very surprised when they try this,'' he said. ``This is going to open up a lot of people to the idea that consoles and computers don't have to be all that different in terms of what they offer the player.''