Deel 2 van de preview van Commando's 2 is door CGO online gezet.They've added three new players to the cast: Paul "Lupin" Toledo, master thief; "Natasha," whose abilities had not yet been cemented at the time of this writing, but whose tight red sweater just about says (and shows) it all; and The Unnamed Dog. "We have included a dog which goes with the Commandos and can be used to perform tasks a soldier would not be able to do easily," Gonzo tells us. "It is a very charismatic character, and we are still refining the tactical gameplay areas it will be useful for." Although the gameplay here is very similar to its predecessors', the look and feel of the gameworld greatly surpasses all that we've seen before. The intricate locations are absolutely gorgeous, and the large areas enable you to make even greater use of the multiple camera angles and windowed environments provided. The engine supports three resolutions (640X480, 800X600, and 1024X768), and we can say hands down that even in lower-res, the detail is extraordinary. When we asked during the non-trailer-extravaganza portion of the demo what resolution we were looking at, and they told us 640X480, the collective gasp was downright audible. We were prepared for a lush graphical treat, but didn't expect it at that resolution—we were wrong.Ze zijn er dus helemaal weg van

Hier staat de rest van de preview met wat screenshots.