ActionTrip heeft een preview gedaan van het door Pyro Studios gemaakt Commandos 2. Hier is een stukkie:

Pyros studio listened to their fans' suggestions and made some constructive changes. The most important change that will positively affect playability is the newly introduced possibility of entering buildings. This will open some new tactical possibilities. There will be some less typical levels; for instance one level is set in a submarine, one in a POW camp (The Colditz mission). There should be altogether twelve missions set all throughout Europe, Asia, and islands in Pacific. The gameplay should prove somewhat quicker and more dynamic, but you will still have time to devise your strategy… It should take about sixty to seventy hours to complete the game, and the game includes a multiplayer mode that will allow you play all the single player missions with your friends. One of the most important changes will be introducing the "fog of war". As for the characters, things aren't quite clear yet. We only know that their capabilities won't be as different as they used to be: most of the commandos will be capable of performing most tasks. They will also be able to exchange weapons and objects, shoot out of the windows, and do almost anything to certain extent. They can also climb phone posts and swing from wires. The driver will be the only one capable of driving the tank, but he will need the sapper to fire the tank cannon… Enemy AI has been slightly enhanced too, so we can expect some harsher resistance from the crouts and japs. The developer announced some new allied characters: a dog (he should be a very important charismatic character), a thief named Paul Toledo - Lupin (in charge of breaking and entering enemy buildings and "acquiring" things) and finally a seductress. There should also be some ordinary troopers that will help you in some missions. Je kan hier verder lezen. Looking good