C|Net, onder andere bekend van download.com en GameCenter heeft bekend gemaakt de samenwerking met het Gamecenter netwerk te zullen beindigen. Dit houdt in dat sites als stomped, Gamers Depot, Counter-Strike.net en Unreal Universe ook niet meer gehost zullen worden. Men is dus wanhopig op zoek naar mensen die deze sites willen hosten!C|Net today announced that it was going to dissolve it's GameCenter Alliance at the end of the month leaving large (and popular) gaming Networks like Stomped.com, GamersDepot, Counter-Strike.net and Unreal Universe and many more in the cold. There is no word where these networks will be hosted in the future, but if you can offer help in this crisis make sure to us know know or post word in the comments section where you (and your Network) can be reached. After the GameFan fiasco it would be a real shame to see these old and established sites die.