Op Voodoo eXtreme hebben ze interview met Cliff Bleszinski. VE: Could you give us a brief run-down of the steps that Epic takes to ensure that their games are absolutely and totally fun? How about the steps that you take to make sure that your maps are fun as hell? CB: It's not a scientific process; it's very much a look and feel kind of issue. And, it's not just one person sitting on a mountaintop saying "I know what's best, do this!" We've got some great minds here and they all contribute to making a fun product. It can get very political around here, though. For instance, if someone decides they don't like, say, the recoil animation on a weapon they'll wind up trying to rally support and trying to convince everyone (one person at a time) why they're right. Usually if they convince a few others then it winds up being changed. As far as making maps fun, that's more of a test, fix, evaluate, repeat process. There's a good amount of peer criticism there but not as much as I'd like. I'm going to push for more of that in the future. Lees de rest hier