Gamespot was de gelukkige om een preview te krijgen van de opvolger van Civ: Call To Power, Civ: Call To Power 2 . Het spel zou nu meer richting Alpha Centauri gaan, maar krijgt ook een aantal nieuwe features, zoals het meegroeien van het platteland met de stad.Other improvements are directed at Call to Power's innovations. The trade mechanics have been reworked to consider the overall scarcity of a particular good in the game world, and the interface no longer arbitrarily separates internal and external trade. Unconventional warfare units - the ecoterrorists, slavers, and lawyers that so harassed players of Call to Power - are very much a part of the sequel, but any type of unconventional unit can now spot another. This means players won't be forced to spread their research across all branches of the tech tree just to detect and counteract these pesky threats. Overall, technological advancement won't seem as rushed in Call to Power II since the game's timeline is being shortened by seven centuries (running from 4000 BC to 2300 AD) while the game moves to a full 500-turn format. The game will also do away with space cities and units to keep the endgame more focused on dense land and sea development. Another of the game's new features is that a city's area of influence for resource-gathering in the surrounding countryside will grow as the city grows, which means that new trade goods and more resources will become available as your city matures. This territory growth doesn't just simply increase in a circle, but will deform to accommodate other cities, creating a continuous patchwork that never puts vital resources frustratingly out of reach. Call to Power II is scheduled for release this holiday season.

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