De Gamers Depot heeft een review gepost van Chef's Luv Shack. Het is een trivia game van onze SouthPark held! The setting takes place as your typical game show. You can choose to play Stan, Kyle, Cartman or Kenny through a user-defined amount of rounds in an attempt to either dominate yourself or your friends. Chef leads this group of misfits as the host of our exciting show and is lucky enough to ask over 600 questions in a variety of topics including references to episodes and South Park'isms and other various questions. The questions including such fun South Park related topics as "People who eat people" and if you are feeling a little behind in South Park history they also include real world topics such as "What sport does Canada suck at".

If you are looking for a game that has a better single player mode, or some sort of long lasting appeal based on a wider variety of questions and maybe more in-depth questions, well then this game isn't for you. I got the impression that the developer's couldn't come up with enough questions themselves which is why they included questions not related directly to South Park. I find this particularly saddening because I know the creators could have possibly come up with hundreds of more questions relating to real world events they could poke fun at. Overall I expect people to purchase this, play it for a couple of hours and then get back to Quake, Counter Strike, UT, or whatever else you like and forget about it.